Monday, March 7, 2011

How do you define style?

the one thing driving me to write this post is pure irritation, which probably isn't a good thing. when I'm irritated I tend to say things I regret, but never mind!

there is this sentence which I tend to try to stand by and follow,

People can be and do whatever they want as long as they don't hurt anyone and are happy/comfortable with themselves.

so this would imply that I don't judge, which I try my hardest to do, but obviously I'm no saint.

what I'm getting at is that, in relation to fashion and what attire people choose to adorn, I really REALLY can't stand it when people trash what other people choose to wear, as in really trash talk it. Usually I would be like, oh dear goodness, what on earth is she/he wearing? Looks like something out of a halloween shop, and I end my criticism there.

Some people, and when I say some people, I'm referring to sites or shows where stylist 'gurus' or just writers in general completely bash a celeb for wearing something.

what brought this about was when I googled Taylor Momsen, I like her sense of style, she maybe a little underdressed for my tastes, but I think her long blonde waist length hair goes very well with her, rockish-trashy* style.

*Trashy, I consider this a style I actually like, not as an insult, that doesn't mean I like dressing trashy but some elements of the genre(?) can be used for everyday dressing.

Back to Taylor M., I got onto this site which was comparing young starlets to each other in terms of dressing and elegance and all that.

and that would be the site, feel free to go take a look if you're interested in a load of crap.

So for contenders you had, Miley Cyrus vs Kristen Stewart, Taylor Momsen vs. Taylor Swift things like that.

I found this. horrifying.

Picture of Miley in a tight leather(?) tube dress with a sweetheart neckline, which obviously emphasized her, assets. and Kristen with a long sleeved dress with honestly what looked to me like random pieces of fabric that were tact-ed onto the dress with no real reason. it certainly didn't flatter. (see, my opinion, I could have said nasty things about it, but its her choice to wear the dress, I'm just saying that I wouldn't)

Kristen was marked as Elegant, whilst Miley, Trashy.

Basically, the website was saying, oh, you can gracefully go from being a young star to an adult actress without going the slut route, here they inserted Christina Aguilera and Lindsay Lohan as an example.

Here is what pissed me off, who the are you to say how they should dress as they advance in their careers?

and besides that, what BAD comparisons. How is Taylor Swift in anyway like Miley Cyrus. Taylor Swift has such a different sense of style, hers is more, pretty, more country, and much more princess. Whether this is her personal style or something she adopted because it good image for the sort of audience and style of music she was going for, it works on her. She looks comfortable and happy doing what shes doing.

obviously, from the website, lets take the worst photo of miley ever and put it up againist Taylor in Concert in which she plays COUNTRY music.

has it ever occured that Miley looks like this too?

never the less I just googled Miley in 2011 and she HAS changed her style to something more, questionable.

please tell me how a concert photo of Taylor singing for her band is the same as wearing something for the red carpet. please enlighten.
she could look like this too.
or if I'm being a hypocrite showing photoshoot pictures of her and not of her on the red carpet, this is what she looks like in a red carpet
is that trashy? I think not?

this I found hilarious, again, photoshoot in comparison to redcarpet. PLEASE.

again, concert in comparison to red carpet.

THIS, I just found beyond unbelievable. how is lady gaga's mass fan base even remotely close to Carrie Underwood's? country vs. pop? er. hello?

its like comparing,

Elvis to...
Charlotte Church.

and one more...

how is a leaked porno picture in anyway the same as a 50s bikini at the beach. *palmsforehead.

I'm getting slightly carried away here.

Basically what I wanted to say is that, I don't think magazines/writers/tv should bash and trash what starlets or people in general wear. I think its mean because after all, its only their OPINIONS. Its THEIR lives. I find it distasteful when people think that there is only one way to dress. that there is only ONE way to be elegant. URGH.

the way they say it make it sound like its a crime to wear something like that out, to have a style different from the rest and that there is only one way to dress to look elegant. which in my opinion is complete rubbish!

I think different is wonderful, if not all of us look like robots coming out of a factory, where is the fun then?

if your sort of elegant is wearing a long simple black dress with lovely goldball sized diamond studs on your ears, then wonderful for you. because that is always a classic oozes elegance and sophistication.

but if your sort of elegance is wearing an absolutely over the top Oscar De La Renta gown, or a Machesa gown, then good for you as well!

I would personally choose the latter, but thats just me, my opinion.

I believe that no matter what you wear, if you feel great and beautiful in it, you will carry it off. Confidence makes such a difference.

So bottom line, I hate people who impose their views and write/talk in a way that suggests there is only one way of dressing. Who do not accept that different can be beautiful too. Magazine tend to suggest there is are only several different styles that Look Good, and little girls that pick up Teen Vogue and the sort and strive to look like that.

I'm not saying that is bad, I'm just saying, I wish fashion was promoted or brought across to people in a more approachable sense. That no one has to fit in a cookie cutter world, that everything has variation.

So instead of a fashion magazine being a bible, it should be used as, a source of inspiration, something you can flip through and find something you like, and wear it in whatever way you like. Same goes for this blog.

Fashion is a medium of expression. No one is the same, so no one has the exact same sense of style.

Thats the message I think that gets lost in all these magazines and critique.

xoxo J.q

Ps: I don't know if what I wrote makes the same sense it does in my head :S

AND I don't any of the pictures I've posted, they belong to the people who have taken them, etc etc. All were found on google or the site I mentioned earlier. cheers!


  1. Thank you for that long entry.

    Yes, I AGREE WITH YOU. 100%

  2. If you think Miley dress trashy, it must be something wrong with you. Everybody has different style. Before you judge others, make sure you are perfect.