Monday, September 13, 2010

Fareast Haul!

Oh wow, I'm sick again. urgh. worst time ever to be sick cause I have submissions due D:

As I've probably mentioned before, if not in earlier posts, probably on our facebook page, I have loads of posts overdue!!!!

SO, the other day.

I literally spent everything in my wallet and bank, about half an hour into my happy after-shopping-coma my mother called me and demanded an explanation why my bank only had $7 left, that brought me down to earth real quick.

most of what I bought came from Fareast Plaza, which I think they have gone abit whacked, they've really pushed their prices up, I got quite shocked when I went there, cause the last time I shopped at Fareast was eons ago.

GONE is my
"1000 over designs! 3 for $10 earrings!" shop. bleh.

actually... I'm REALLY irritated with Fareast. no wonder everyone has been going online to blogshops to find things, seriously, to find anything in Fareast now that is not overblown price-wise is hard!
to me, Fareast used to be... the Bugis street of orchard. sure if you wanna compare Fareast to say, ION, or Wisma, its still the Bugis street of orchard.

but it Bugis st and Fareast were once comparable. urgh.

so many shops have sprung up selling over priced accessories that aren't even high quality, same goes for clothes. I wonder if they even physically buy their stuff rather than just ordering online.

okay on to what I did buy!

*insert shiny smile.

Fareast Haul:

bracelet that is sort of in a belt style, opened like this to wear. quality on this one isn't the best, but I found the buckle thing cute so :D

I didn't know people still put 5cents at the end of prices anymore, other than mcdonalds and 7-11.

got this from funcdeco which is on the 2nd floor, its one of Regina's favorite shops, (regina was supposed to be a co-writer here but she went MIA)

this was... $15.90? I think? its pretty pricey but it was so adorable. must buy!

Also from funcdeco I bought something I've wanted for a longlonglong time,
confession: I didn't find it, my bestfriend did.

max: eh eh eh, look at this! cute right?
max: but I think I'm getting it.
me: ..... fine, you decide, if you don't want it I'll take it.
max: er... I think I'm not getting it la.

$30 and 30 minutes later....

max: actually I want that scarf.
me: .... no.
max: but you know I take damn long to decide and I found it anyway.
me: but I want it and I bought it...

and this continued, usually I would cave and just sell her the scarf BUT I've wanted a piano one for so long I really couldn't let it go.
max chio can?
putting my mannequin to good use (: the scarf as already mentioned above, cost $30.

I love caps, they're great when you have a bad hair day or if you're like me and too damn poor to dye your roots on a regular basis.
chio cap right!
japanese sorta print, and of course its "one of a kind" because the print will never be placed exactly in the same place again.
FML can still see roots. this was only $20 OMG HEARTHEARTHEART.

before going to Fareast, max, subhan and I went down to forever 21,

ACTUALLY AH, all the shops I bought something from, save the cap, I DIDN'T WALK INTO LOR. I was quite adamant about not spending money, its max who walked in... and then... stuff calls out to me D:

okay so forever 21, SINCE WE WERE THERE, I rummaged through looking for connecting rings, and found this one:
this was the only piece intact I think, the rest the middle part of the bigger flower fell off -_- this was $7, very chio!

while looking for connecting rings I happen to chance on...
this, 3 little rings for $7 which is a good deal I feel cause you can wear all 3 at once or..
wear one, just for a touch of jewelry. and please, I've seen rings like this go for $23 EACH. siao la. as if my father prints money like that.

so yes.

while rummaging I also chanced on...
THIS MEGA CUTE FLOWEEEERRR, I think its mad pretty, but pricey going at $11 if I remember correctly, its in a very pale pink and I think its just too cute to pass up (:

I also found this..
pretty bracelet! can match these with ONE of the thin rings. PRICEY AT $15

so yea I know I was meant to only get a connecting ring but ended up buying a few more accessories. nieh.

so these were the purchases of the day! I also bought a super cute casette ring but idk where that one disappeared off to.
probably in one of my bags.

I'm trying to get used to wearing rings because I generally get irritated wearing anything around my wrist or fingers.


since I was posting the stuff I got, I wanted to share two other nice things I bought in Hong Kong, I have quite abit more but these happened to be within arm's reach so..

my classmates keep calling it mukun. -_-

I have mentioned in an earlier post that I own this bag but never posted an actual picture of it.
if you wanna own this Utterly Awesome Bag, they sell it in Bugis Junction at one of those stall things for $25.
excuse the roots.

I like putting things in my hair, bows, butterflies etc. I think hair accessories have replaced brooches. a brooch on blouse = granny, a brooch in hair = Awesome!

this was never meant to be a hair accessory, its just a butterfly that comes with a little metal wire, which I twirled around my bun, I think its mad pretty.

tbh I think this was probably meant for like x'mas trees or smth. like.. for those attas x'mas trees you see in hotels.
you buy them like this, they're made out of feathers!
there was one with glitter that was more chio, but i'm not stupid enough to put smth with glitter in my hair, considering how light my hair is, the black glitter would look obvious if it scattered.

I used to have a red one but idk where that one went to, and one of the wings broke anyway, too lazy to paste it back on, and besides, red would clash with my hair anyway.

speaking of hair i'm redoing my roots this friday! wheee!

much needed touch up. obviously.


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