Monday, September 20, 2010

quickupdate + what i've been doing + plans!

shit, a year makes all the difference in the world =_=
darren happened to be wearing the same shirt, so DIEDIE must take picture.


so many excite things are GOING to happen ATM, so like, my life currently isn't terribly exciting, but it promises to be!


I'm leaving for HongKong again on.... the 29th of sep I think, till.... the 2nd? I think? not particularly clear on that yet cause I have been SWAMPED.

all I do is homework, its terribly sad really.

which brings me to...
my illustrations, which I don't think look fantastic or anything, but hey, I'm really proud of the Ganguro one!


COSPLAY, gotta love pikachu and sailor moon!

backgrounds are not mine.

just a quick update (:


  1. i just reread ur blog, dood u should re invite me. i think i have free time now since i am on holiday i am gonna spam ur blog! HAHAHA! miss you so much!