Tuesday, May 17, 2011

again, a sneaker post!

I swaggered my way into adidas the other day at iluma, and then I realised what they had on display!
the JS on fire adidas, of course I had to try it on and completely whore it out. It wasn't ridiculously expensive at 345SDG but as a starving artist, I can't afford.
what I liked about this pair (which I would have probably ran out of the store with had it not been a couple of sizes too big) is the detail you realise it has AFTER you see the shoe IRL, which means its basically super chio in real life.
the laces gradient from yellow to orange upward! the only thing about the shoe is... its abit impractical. the fire extends so far backward that when you turn around it catches each other.
very odd feeling and I think I nearly tripped afew times.
image: incrediblethings.com

Even though,
- they are a couple of sizes too big,
- way over my budget,
- made me trip about twice in 5 minutes,
- totally impractical.

I still want these shoes.
like now.


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