Friday, September 3, 2010

Nicholas Kirkwood and Vivienne Westwood

soooo... you know when you see really gorgeous shoes online by really famous designers? and you just WISHED you owned them?

I'm the kinda person who would go into the store and just try them (:

lucky for me I have a classmate who does own these Beautiful Branded Shoes and she happens to be the SAME SIZE as me (:

she bought 2 pairs recently and one of them is the jelly shoes by VW,

the first pair I saw from the jelly shoes collection was Heart Heels one.
when we were in HongKong I went off for awhile and about 5-10 min later found her again with a VW bag in her hand. AHHHH.

she bought a pair jellies with the bow in tortoise shell. which I think look soooo edible-ly gooood.

the shoes, get this, SMELL OF STRAWBERRIES, insane right? deodorant qualities!
which I thought was really really smart of VW because the shoes being made of jelly cannot breathe, so you tend to er... sweat in them. very unglamish, but very very pretty.

they are SO comfortable, really wish I had a pair. she was so lucky, because VW was having a sale, she got them at only about $200 SGD.


she also bought a pair of Nicholas Kirkwood shoes.

Nicholas Kirkwood has AMAZING designs, no joke. Absolutely Fantastic Stuff.
these are my favorite, with a sort of futuristic raw industrial look, bolts for the front toes and sheets of "iron" bolted down for the platform. and who can resist the string of nuts for the heel?

crazy pretty.

so my classmate really wanted a pair by him.
and she got these!
they cost... 1.2 or 1.6k not sure.

but they are gorgeous.
ha I think I'm about 1.8m in them. HOHOHO.

these are the kinds of shoes that if someone steps on your toes with the heels, you might actually lose your toe.

the stitching is just fabulous.

these heels are really hard to walk in, I have to say, they are ALMOST as hard to walk in as Christian Louboutins.
Louboutins are really not possible to walk in unless you are the kinda girl who walks in heels everyday, which I don't.
Even so, I think I walk pretty well in heels, but these were hardcore, I swapped shoes with my classmate for awhile cause her feet were dying.

even sitting down your feet hurt cause you are constantly pointing them. hahaa.

my mom would describe these heels as the kind "You need some guy to drive you around in."

go google Nicholas Kirkwood for shoe candy happiness.

your welcome.

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