Thursday, September 23, 2010

Loving s/s 2011?


I just did my nails! I think they look super preeettty (:

looking through threadless, I saw hoodies, call me slow but I never knew they had hoodies, I though they're just shirts.
crazy pretty.
like their shirts, but the ones I wanted a long time ago aren't there anymore D:
oh well.
for more goodness - Threadless!

well of course the new s/s collections for 2011 are upon us!
and this is what I've been loving.

julien macdonald spring 2011 RTW

whee floaty and ghosty!

a printed coffee shop. so cute.

mary katrantzou s/s rtw 2011

I'm quite a literal person so I'm surprised it took someone so long to have a collection like this. me thinks this will make waves.

macramé seems to be making a comeback, (see first picture from Julian MacDonald) and this collection from
Matthew Williamson s/s 2011 rtw

I am all for it, macramé is just so interesting to look at. adds alot of detail and just looks complex.

btw! macramé is making a textile using knots instead of weaving or knit, so you see alot more holes in macramé lol.
my classmate is currently making a macramé top, I think its gonna turn out AMAZING, will post when I can!

richard nicoll s/s 2010 rtw

personal opinion: I thought the rest of his collection was rubbish. BUT I did like this top... thing.

everything can be seen on so... tell me what you think of the rest of the collection.

Vivienne Westwood,

I thought this looked exactly like,
this pair of heels from Christian Louboutin

love this, looks damn comfortable lol.

again, wasn't too wow-ed by this collection. but still, gotta love Westwood!

spring/ summer 2011 so far... hasn't really wowed me.

I hope macrame is big this season!



resent an invitation to gina for her to write on the blog! maybe this time the invitation will actually get through *crosses fingers.


the other day I was horribly sick, so my dad did smth damn sweet! he caught a massive moth and put it in a bowl, and put it next to me when I was in bed so I had smth to entertain me while paralyzed in bed. (:


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