Thursday, July 29, 2010


yes go green, but please, not the way this couple did. they had a SHREK WEDDING. ohmygod.

your wedding pictures are of the both of you as... ogres.

come on really?

even shrek would be like.

BUT yes green is cool!

if we continue killing the earth as we do now beast boy will attack you in your beds

i'm a huge fan of eco-friendly fashion

so imagine my happiness when i found this store!

its located along River Valley, next to Kay Poh Rd.

100% Recycled Plastic Bottle T-Shirts!!!

how cool is that!

windows full of eco-friendly products!

me posing -_-"
tried on the shirts, i bought this one! $40ish i think, this was awhile ago so i forgot.

k problem with the shirts are that they are meant for japanese people, which needless to say are TINY people, so the shirts were
a. too small for me
b. too short for me
c. wrongly proportioned for me

but i still bought the black one for support!
its abit hot to wear (100% plastic hellos) but bearable if you're wearing it in a mall. its not as comfortable as cotton but really, i don't mind. GO-ECO!
shirt colours!
interior of the store, ebel is standing right there :D
other eco-nonsense that i spent money on lol.
so here is one of the things i bought, a pencil made from newspaper! so much smarter than using trees right?
quite obviously its from china, harhar. chinese newspaper. imagine how much newspaper waste they must have with a population like that D:
and you get this like marble (?) effect when you sharpen it, it comes in HB and 2B i think.
i got the 2B ones cause i like using darker pencils, they come in a set of 3 for about... $1.50 to $2.50 which is like damn affordable can! considering how Eco-Friendly is never Wallet-Friendly.
ECO STAPLER, doesn't use bullets at all!
though i do question how long they would last being "stapled" together in my bag which is full of rubbish.
range of pen/pencil/colour pencil products :D
the pen is super cool, it comes in black and blue, instead of the plastic exterior, its cardboard.
i actually like the look of the pens more than the pencil, but apparently i seem to have forgotten to take pictures of it, again it comes in a set of 3.

of course you have your standard "save the planet" tote which i find... not that pretty, and tbh its abit too small to put much in. groceries....?

then they have these little capsules with fish and shrimp, you don't ever have to feed them and they last anywhere between 5 to 10 years (again i'm abit rusty on details)

i like this one :D
and then! into the backroom,
this is some system for industrial waste or if you have a landed property.
all the atas people love their money plants yes?
this one is gross, all your waste goes in there and worms multiply and JUST DAMN GROSS LA. and they pick up the remains for you or smth. i asked how many worms were inside this one he said about 1000. ONLY 1000, whew.


me: what happens if they get out?
guy: won't happen la.
me: *skeptical.
me outside with my new stuff, ebel's brilliant photo timing.
better picture.

i'm a sucker for packaging:
its just black and white flipped over, but hey its a paperbag! which i will probably use to return stuff i borrow from people (hint* karen)

gogogogogo down to GREENVIRON :D

and buy stuff to help the economy and save the environment!

two way win right :D


outfit post

what i wore when i went out with kyna to ion,
pearly bangles, a mix from the bunches you can get at fareast for $10
dress from miss selfridge, bought a longgg time ago, about $70?
+dear old converse.

you may have noticed, my hair is purple in the GREENVIRON post

yes. well. it was a mistake, i'm back to pink nows.


that day i went out with ebel we were looking for winter wear for her because she was leaving to lithuania (i've never heard of it either) for 6months, by the time i blog this she would have already left D:
so we went to damn alot of stores, departmental and all, ALL CANNOT FIND CHEAP WINTERWEAR, finally went to a store in Lucky Plaza, recommend by a sales clerk and ebel's mom.

really exists sia. me and bel were skeptical.
huge range!
AND NOT EXPENSIVE, cheap good one goes for about $100SG?
and then i found this one. heh heh.
trust me to go for the pink one. DAMN CUTE ZOMG *DIES.
camwhored abit.
fine. alot.
but seriously i would have bought it. IF i was going to a cold country which i'm not. D:

anyone wanna bring me?

in the end ebel settled for this one in a stable colour *cough. boring. but still better than black.

i told her to get pink but she firmly rejected.

i guess not everyone wants to look like a puff of candy floss.

I wonder why?

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Universal Studios! and what I wear.

these are old pictures that i was supposed to blog but never got a chance because my desktop, which is my means of photo uploading was being PMS-y.

what i wore to Universal Studios with my ex-classmates, it was my second time, so i diedie had to be comfortable but i knew i would just melt in the sun. FYI, i hate the sun, it is my mortal enemy, you wouldn't catch me willingly in the sun.

pink sleeping top from juicy couture $60 (gift)
black shorts from bugis street $40, i love these shorts, go with everything, perfect length and infact i'm wearing them now as i blog!
my bow was the one i bought and showed in one of my previous entries
studded bracelet i bought from HK for my mini collection.

my shoes for the day was just my beloved black converse.

unrelated to fashion:

HELLO KITTY, unrelated but too cute to miss out on. heartharbourfront.

KOI LOVE. okay i know its unrelated, but its KOI. nuffsaid'
getting it is so irritating, the queue etc. tbh i like each a cup better. but hey, bubble tea is bubble tea. nomnoms.

love gina's tote bag. gosh tote is such a general term.


and this was what i was wearing to meet brendan when i went to chinatown, i think in search of fabric :S
the bracelet was a present from my grandmummy
necklace birthday present from gina
top from bershka $40
shorts from bugis $40
flower in hair, previous post, about $13

i realise i don't dress like a fashion god, i'm all for comfort sooo. yes. i do love to accessorize tho!

i believe fashion should be comfortable. although i would try to squeeze myself into a Mr.Pearl corset anyday, KEYWORD: TRY.

yes. TRY.


so school has been hectic. blahblahblah.

shelvin and i slave away in class, can you spot the pink jeremy scott bag? its behind the LV one lol.and this is what my class looks like, you can see my jap hotstuff classmate sayaka walking.
and this is my phone. bored moments. do note that MOST of these trinkets broke off my phone D:

photoshoot pics with karen are still pending. will post when they come up :D