Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Universal Studios! and what I wear.

these are old pictures that i was supposed to blog but never got a chance because my desktop, which is my means of photo uploading was being PMS-y.

what i wore to Universal Studios with my ex-classmates, it was my second time, so i diedie had to be comfortable but i knew i would just melt in the sun. FYI, i hate the sun, it is my mortal enemy, you wouldn't catch me willingly in the sun.

pink sleeping top from juicy couture $60 (gift)
black shorts from bugis street $40, i love these shorts, go with everything, perfect length and infact i'm wearing them now as i blog!
my bow was the one i bought and showed in one of my previous entries
studded bracelet i bought from HK for my mini collection.

my shoes for the day was just my beloved black converse.

unrelated to fashion:

HELLO KITTY, unrelated but too cute to miss out on. heartharbourfront.

KOI LOVE. okay i know its unrelated, but its KOI. nuffsaid'
getting it is so irritating, the queue etc. tbh i like each a cup better. but hey, bubble tea is bubble tea. nomnoms.

love gina's tote bag. gosh tote is such a general term.


and this was what i was wearing to meet brendan when i went to chinatown, i think in search of fabric :S
the bracelet was a present from my grandmummy
necklace birthday present from gina
top from bershka $40
shorts from bugis $40
flower in hair, previous post, about $13

i realise i don't dress like a fashion god, i'm all for comfort sooo. yes. i do love to accessorize tho!

i believe fashion should be comfortable. although i would try to squeeze myself into a Mr.Pearl corset anyday, KEYWORD: TRY.

yes. TRY.


so school has been hectic. blahblahblah.

shelvin and i slave away in class, can you spot the pink jeremy scott bag? its behind the LV one lol.and this is what my class looks like, you can see my jap hotstuff classmate sayaka walking.
and this is my phone. bored moments. do note that MOST of these trinkets broke off my phone D:

photoshoot pics with karen are still pending. will post when they come up :D


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