Monday, August 30, 2010

what do I look for in a bag?

what do you look for in a bag?

flexibility about the occasions you can wear it on?
style factor? (new or old season)
the amount of hidden pockets?

I try not to think of brand, but it does sway me abit.
I remember this really awesome quote

"when buying a branded bag, cover the label and then decide if its a nice bag"
which I think alot of people don't do.

those little interlocked "Cs" can be veryvery tempting.

the. chanel. classic. jumbo. OMG LOVELOVELOVE.
-sniff sniff.
and thats the size on people, persoanlly I would like it bigger but, hey thats just me.
(when it comes to chanel, I have "SUCKER" written all over my face)

personally I am NOT swayed if I see a celeb wearing or carrying something, but thats only because I don't like following celebs, be it in magazines or style. Their taste level is not that high, their stylists are the one behind everything, so in that way I think of celebs as... mannequins or models. You wouldn't buy everything Jessica Stam wears on runway right? Obviously because shes wearing someone else's taste and style. The same thing ALMOST applies to celebs, of course they can say I don't like this but ultimately its the stylist chioce, also they are like... walking ads. bleh.

I'm not saying this is for all celebs, me thinks it applies to a good deal of them tho.

sorry I got side tracked,

the things I look for in a bag, in order:

1. design
2. size
3. size
4. size
5. comfort (accessible to the inside of the bag, easy to carry)
6. quality
7. amount of detail in the bag, pockets, design so on.
8. brand
9. price

2. -4. SIZE okay obviously you can see I always look at size first, thats really a personal preference, I need alot of space because I tend to dump things into my bag.

my friends refer to my bag as doraemon's pocket.

so... size, that probably means I go for classic totes yes?


1. Design. I don't like totes because they generally look the same. thats why design comes in first and foremost.

which is way i'm utter and totally IN LOVE with the 31, Rue Cambon chanel bag, its leather but it look like a paper bag. utter cute-ness max.

okay this probably wasn't the best example for a nice tote bag but it came up as one of the first hits on google.
totes.... sometimes have zippers, I find it abit odd when theres no closure, like someone can just reach in, my friends have done this to me countless times.

if I DO buy a tote, it's definitely able to last.

5. Comfort, I can't stand carrying things in my hand or slinging it on my elbow, I think its a gift if you can get used to that because you will have alot more choice when it comes to bags that way. Due to me always carrying alot of shit around, this is simply not possible.

so I need something that I can sling over my shoulder, the best would be a backpack style.
which is why this bag is what I carry on a daily basis now, you may think it's fugly but I adore it, mega cute-ness. $17 from the HK's ladies market. mega cheap, quality not quite there but I love it regardless.

6. Quality, if i'm willing to spend money on something I have to know it will last me, I kinda trash my bags ><>
er... I know uppity brands have been releasing fabric totes, so everyone can get a piece of the brand, at a much cheaper rate, but honestly I don't think its worth it. at all.

and also why are they always in a muslin colour or made out of thin cotton, doesn't look very durable to me.

7. Secondary Design, baby details on the handle or the inside of the bag, little pockets to put your phone in etc. Very important because I always have to reach in for my ezlink card and wasting 5 minutes to find an ezlink card in my bag everytime is just not practical.
the chloe paddington comes with slots next to the opening of the bag, great for handphones and ezlink cards!

its no secret i'd like for a paddington.

8. -9 . Price and Brand obviously look at brand before price, not flushing 3 k down the drain on some unknown brand that I know nothing about that may just be cheating me of money..

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  1. I personally look for sizes as well. But I like my bags small^^
    Then I go for colors. I like to match my bags to my clothes.
    I don't look for brands. It has to be pretty and I also like those little pockets inside the bag where you easlily can find your keys, your mobile or whatever is needed in one pick.
    And I love when all of this is effordable^^