Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Behind the scenes on day 1 men's fetish shoot w. Daven Lee!

Wheeee, I'm in class and therefore have extra snippets of time to post the Behind-The-Scenes-Footage of a Fashion shoot.

I played Fashion Stylist for 4 days straight before I left to HongKong. This was the first shoot, men's, it is a fetish shoot.

Photography by Daven Lee
Make up & Hair : Veronica Leong & Angeline Leong
Styling : Jade QueenQuin
Wardrobe & Art Direction : Me DI Assistant : Clifford Loh
models really do eat salad LOL.
actually no la, we just feed them rabbit food for the first part so they don't like get bellies.

chilling while waiting for their turn, feel quite bad cause it really was cold.
make up and hair chilling and watching the shoot.
so the concept was Fetish and I had a list of things that Daven wanted to shoot, my job is basically to have all the guys ready by the time the previous guy is done.

which is actually harder than I thought it would be.

alexy and gerard,
NOTE: alexy has like The Nicest Abs.
alexy is on the left and gerard on the right, russian and australian respectively, I THINK.

Matthew, lucky there was like a hose at the back so he could wash this off.
POOR LACUS, it was SO cold cause they were just pouring water on him.
matt after shower, looking all meat part of the shoot, think lady gaga's meat outfit.

positioning meat. I actually can't touch meat with ease now because one time my parents went overseas and I accidently left the freezer open and ALL our meat, and we have alot, got defrosted and rotted within a 12 hour period and... sigh. it was a horrifying experience for me.
fooling around after the shoot which ended pretty late. ALEXY DID THIS SUPER COOL HELICOPTER HIPHOP MOVE AND I WAS LIKE WTF. never saw that in real life. HE ALSO DID A BACKFLIP. omg.
matt and lacus had left by then. so after shoot and all tired (:

I'll post the final pictures of the shoot when I get them (:

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