Sunday, February 20, 2011

hey so I know I haven't blogged in like, months, literally.

haven't been able to find inspiration to blog about fashion.

I'm going to Paris next week, city of loveee and fashion. so whatever not.

so I guess, I'll be strolling along the streets of Paris and feel inspired.

Euro news:
I have bought tons and TONs of stuff. will blog about them when I'm home, if the airport doesn't stop me for overloaded baggage. which is a super possible and very scarily possible. cause its mad expensive if that happens, 500 euro kind of mad expensive.

I have StumbleUpon-ed (which is an amazing webbie that shows you to sites, pictures, videos of what you're interested in) this website which is

and I gots myself a page? and I just put together what looks nice basically. you pick stuff you like and you put it together. kinda brainless.

my page is:

My fav.

my 2nd fav.

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  1. Great looks! Love all the styling. :) Followed on looklet.