Sunday, June 27, 2010

online shopping, no thanks.

my interwebz has been down as of late and i've been really sad! i'm an internet whore and its super hard getting by without my facebook and my twitter. i don't use an iphone or a bb with an interwebz plan so.. OMG. really torturous. especially since this week's URBAN was all about interweb shopping!


i have to say, internet shopping to me, is one of the most tedious and scary things in the world. firstly, i know FIRST HAND how EASY it is to spend plastic, i hate forking out cash for an item and then looking into my wallet to find it empty. i'll feel poor. so i end up abusing my plastic, and then get the fright of my life the next time i go to the ATM to draw cash. if i have this problem IRL how will i fare in virtual land? -shudder.

secondly, the fit. i do NOT understand, how anyone, can buy clothes online unless you already have visited the store and know the general cut of the clothes, for example: River Island and MANGO's clothes fit me very well most of the time.

i mean, what if you get the dress and it looks terrible! sure you can send it back nowadays, but what if you CAN'T and what if you have to pay for shipping back? Die Lah. i know some people are just like, its $20 wear once or twice can already Lah. if you add up, 5 dresses that looked terrible and you stop wearing them, thats $100 that could have gone to a damn good pair of heels (on sale). and yes i know there are measurements, but thats for size, not for your body proportion to the size. just because i get a dress i like in my size does not mean its gonna look good on me.

thirdly, clicking. okay maybe cause my internet is slow so i guess this only applies to me. going from page to page to Page to PAGE to find anything relatively close to nice kills my patience quota for the day in about 10 minutes. BUT again, i think this only applies to me because i don't know any blogshops/ online boutiques that have things i like.

fourthly, THE QUALITY. wah this one can die la okay. got loose thread here, shitty material etc etc. wtheck. YOU NEVER KNOW. unless you of course think its fine to drop over a hundred dollars online to pay for Quality, on something You Have Never Seen. i could never drop a three figure sum on something I Have Never Laid Eyes On.

so again. maybe its just me.

HOWEVER. i do think that for accessories and bags online shopping is fine, i mean you see a picture and thats what you get, quite hard to bluff your way out of bags and necklaces. but if you're like buying a ring, the size, how?!

so far. i have seen plenty of things i would die to have online, but all of these fall into the three figure range so, until i get myself a job, i'll leave interwebz shopping to the Brave.

(also it's always puzzled me how people can buy things like shoes online :/ )


In tribute to my very dead internet. Skeletons! i like skeletons and very... sadistic things. Granted i realise that the fond-ness of said objects is not wide-spread.

Its not all about gore and guts spilling out, i mean it tastefully. (well i mean as tasteful and one can get when one gets Literal)

so here are again, things i would own if i was Bill Gate's Lovechild.

bangles by Lady Grey, how cool are bangle bones! Seriously.
bones bag by jeremy scott, i thought this looked alot like the hair of the daughter in the flintstones, pebbles.


my classmate has the actual bag and she carries it when we have too much stuff to lug around school. (i always steal her bag so i can pretend i'm the rich kid)

again by jeremy scott. flintstones sex-ed up.
okay i don't know where to get this sweater but i found it online and think its superdupermega cool.
-insert orgasm.

the epitome of design, how beautiful are these boots from dsquared? thank you dan and dean. -sniff.

i would honestly kill someone for these shoes.

for a really simple outfit and for the love of the outrageous, Christian Lacroix.

i like the black one more, but hey thats just me.

okay i'll admit these are extreme and i would probably cover the feet part of the stockings with a pair of ankle boots/doc marts/high cut converse but i think other than the feet, its pretty damn unique. :D



say hello to the bag that would catch the attention of even a blind man.
i love the LV speedy size, it totally the perfect bag, able to stuff everything, make up, wallet, handphone, ipod, keys etc,etc,etc.

and really, how much more awesome does it look in gold? all reflective.... and shinyy.... and.. prettyyy..... and it costs around....

$1500 (USD)


-insert, wave of depression.

expected but STILL. the one LV bag i would ever truely pay to have.

need to go marry son of an oil tycoon.

what would be hilarious is if someone wore with with this dress.

jokes aside here are (not including the picture above) the looks that i love from Balmain this Fall 2010 RTW.


i think this would look gorrrgeous with the gold LV bag, gold over kill, but it would totally rock a gold themed party. or.. Magnum could use it for the promotion of their new gold icecream.

dress and jacket <3

and now excuse me as i run off to find and seduce the Son of an Oil Tycoon.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Bows and Sneakers!

my desktop broke down D: so I can't upload the pretty pictures I took on saturday when my ex-classmates and I went to universal studios, pictures include gina's cool bag and what I was wearing on that day!

since I haven't blogged since thursday I decided to just post on acessories again, so I used my webcam to take pictures of the stuff I bought on thursday.

tadah! pretty pink/peach bow from diva! it cost me either $11 or $13, not sure cause I bought two things that day. I normally wear the bow on the opposite side of my fringe to balance off the fringe, so I don't look lopsided.

the other item is a white flower hair thing/brooch, made of crinkled chiffon and stretch net, its kinda whiteish, closer to off white.
seeing how I always bun up my hair cause its so spoilt thanks to multiple rounds of bleaching, I think the white flower is nice just to add like, some sort of interest point. plus white goes with everything anyway.

front view yadda yadda. it cost me $11/$13

my visits to diva rarely leave me empty handed. I saw so many pretty things that day, some I might add are abit unworth the money, like my hair flower and bow hairband,
and this......

its so easy to make yourself but I really don't think its worth the time and effort so I just buy them anyway! because I know I'll wear it super often, good stable piece for me. if you're buying them for like.. one off kinda wearing, I don't know... abit heart pain.

other veryvery pretty things I saw are..

okay honestly I don't think the picture does it justice, it look really nice when you put it on tho! abit pricey, about $20ish? but I mean, a total versatile piece.

totally loved this too! but the one I saw wasn't in black, it was in a.. pinkish tone? v.pretty with a gold setting, also around $20+ when I put both rings on side by side, <3

then I left the shop without them. < /3

while online looking for the pictures of all the stuff I came across this..


it was under the New section, so I guess they'll be coming to singapore, along with Big Bird and Cookie Monster.


on another note, I wanna share my fav sneakers!

tbh, I'm not a very heels person, I think they hurt. I mean I love the feeling of walking around in them feeling all pretty but, I'm already above the average height for girls in singapore (I'm 169cm)and to wear heels around.. i'll feel like a giant. SO I'm definitely a converse girl, BUT don't hate me, I still own way too many heels.

not too big a fan of dr. martens cause they're uncomfortable as well, but I definitely want to buy a pair to customize it. there has only been one comfortable pair which i've seen, made in soft leather but they were limited ed. and also pre-decorated for a competition a.k.a expensive.

this is one of the winners by: Noah Dreyfuss entitled: Snowboot.

super soft no joke.

so: these 2 pairs of sneakers are the ones I one day dream to own:

The Tiffany Nike Dunk.

Jeremy Scott for Addidas -insert holy music.

I'm the kinda person who would wear sneakers but still put a flower in my hair, with a dress on. so, I don't find the things in this post unrelated because I would totally put them together.


OH and good news, I've managed to bring in two more writers for this blog, Regina and Karen :D

all 3 of us have different taste and writing styles so.. theres someone for everyone!

I don't know when their first posts will be tho!


Thursday, June 10, 2010

first post! very excite.

SO. first post on a new blog, sudden inspiration to create a Fashion Blog.

seeing how I am in Fashion School and all I guess it is only appropriate.

posts would mainly be of things I like and stuff from school. the life of a design student is not easy and is seriously uncool. we go for days without sleep and by the end of each project we get burnt out.

first, let me introduce myself, my name is Jade, like the stone -_-

I'm in raffles design institution, half way of getting my degree and from then on will be shoved into the working world totally lost D:

stuff I like are... sometimes dark, individual pieces, such as,

this Alexander McQueen twin skull ring, whose price is unspeakable.

or.. this custom cap, which I saw on

or these beaaautiful pair Alexander McQueen shoes from his fall 2010 collection. *dies.
one of my favorite pieces of all time though is...
HOW ALICE IN WONDERLAND ARE THEY? which happens to be like, The Best Movie Of All Time.

I would die for a pair. -insert longing eyes.

SO, Goal: post at least once a week.
whats in this for me: ULTIMATE RICHES.

I kid. I'm hoping by actually having this fashblog I will be more motivated to go out and search for constant inspiration for my collections, I be a lazy person.

so, thats how it is for now (: