Thursday, June 10, 2010

first post! very excite.

SO. first post on a new blog, sudden inspiration to create a Fashion Blog.

seeing how I am in Fashion School and all I guess it is only appropriate.

posts would mainly be of things I like and stuff from school. the life of a design student is not easy and is seriously uncool. we go for days without sleep and by the end of each project we get burnt out.

first, let me introduce myself, my name is Jade, like the stone -_-

I'm in raffles design institution, half way of getting my degree and from then on will be shoved into the working world totally lost D:

stuff I like are... sometimes dark, individual pieces, such as,

this Alexander McQueen twin skull ring, whose price is unspeakable.

or.. this custom cap, which I saw on

or these beaaautiful pair Alexander McQueen shoes from his fall 2010 collection. *dies.
one of my favorite pieces of all time though is...
HOW ALICE IN WONDERLAND ARE THEY? which happens to be like, The Best Movie Of All Time.

I would die for a pair. -insert longing eyes.

SO, Goal: post at least once a week.
whats in this for me: ULTIMATE RICHES.

I kid. I'm hoping by actually having this fashblog I will be more motivated to go out and search for constant inspiration for my collections, I be a lazy person.

so, thats how it is for now (:


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