Tuesday, April 12, 2011

outfit post

I have gone out a few times already thinking, okay today I'll take a picture of what I'm wearing and actually post it. but I totally forget when I'm out.

so I decided to quickly take before I left the house yesterday, thinking I'll get a proper full body photo outside. obviously I didn't -_-

this is what I would wear for a lazy day out.

because I didn't put much thought into what I wore I picked a few accessories to at least look like I didn't just roll out of bed.

Here I have:
-Rosary from The Vatican (Roma)
-LOVELOVELOVE plastic bangle from a set I got in HK, which was super ex, $40SGD
-black and white diamond ring thing, about $4 I think.

I just piled on what I had in blackish tones.
-F21 pink flower ring, $10 I think?
-And a punkish bracelet from peninsula, cause I roll like that.

-hello kitty earstuds from claire's which I bought in Zurich.

Claire's is actually a french brand which is alot like Accesorize, I really like both of them! super cute designs, which are unique but their prices are abit scary at times. but come sales, hoho.

-the golden rabbit with dangling legs I got in HK.
-faux diamontee dangle earring from this random cheap ass store in Berlin, it was like 50eurocents for a pair.

honestly, I didn't wear this stuff on the occasion of going out, I have had these studs/earrings in for I would think a week now? I like just putting everything together to see what you get.this pendant I've had since forever, I think I got it when I was in holiday in thailand like eons ago. I tend to only buy pendants, and like put them on a velvet string. I like chokers!
make up for the day super simple, shimmerish pinkish-white with eyeliner.
my hellokitty jumper thing I got from H&M when I was in hongkong, I wear this on rainy days cause its abit thick.

xx. J

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