Monday, April 18, 2011

Street spotted!

the other day at work, one of my best friends decided to pay me a visit, Nicky!
he and Joy stopped by to stay hi :DI insisted on taking their picture cause I thought they looked super cool XDJoy had on a jacket with a ripped-ish white dress which looked super nice on her, but I would never be able to pull off. *coughjealouscough*
And she tottered around on sky-high black pump heels.
super well put together no?
I completely spaced that I should've probably asked where she got everything ._.

Joy looked super awesome. And apparently that day on the streets they were asked if they could have their picture taken for another fashion blog.
Aiseh, they look like they would be a super good couple can.
nicky looking supa sharp :3
his jacket is vintage
his super cool leather tie was a gift.
super jealous cause I would love a leather tie too.
thing is with ties and girls, there is a fine line between fashionable and looking like Avril Lavigne from her SK8TER BOI phase.
safety pin in ear for good measure.
redsocks + all black converse.

converse are the best la ok. hands down. anything goes.


I acquired a new pair of sunnies recently!
this is my first pair of branded sunnies and me loves,
its from Marc By Marc Jacobs
this is just a really quick snap of it.
its, I guess you would call it turtleshell... coloured? for the frame.
what I've been searching for is a pair of turtle shells because they're just so.. classic and go with practically everything.
picture credits: BVLGARI

this was the pair I've been eye-ing for about... 5 coming to 6 years now? I wanted to go buy it but now its gone. so. I have to keep dreaming I suppose.

Its from bvlgari and has swarovski crystals down the side.

the reason I wanted specifically this pair and nothing else is because it fits my face perfect. like PERFECT. I still want this pair and hope to get it.

I don't really change glasses, I own 2 pairs now. The other one from mango.

I generally prefer to get branded sunnies, I mean, I'll be using them for a long time and so I wanna know they're not going to fall apart on me randomly. and also because of the UV protection, which I find is super important.

and just a random accessories sidenote on what I had on today:
studded cuff, HK ($4)
acrylic army print bow, Paris (10euro)
top rings F21 ($7)
botton rings Primark (4pounds I THINK)

xx. J

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