Sunday, July 17, 2011

new blog

oh god IM SO SORRY FOR NEGLECT, but we have SHIFTED TO Rackless Blog


we are still the same.

but we blog more.

and its very exciting whats coming up.

so please be patient and loyal. thank you for those who have stuck with us.

so much love,

jade and karen.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011


you don't have to be thin in order to wear everything.


Friday, June 10, 2011


I'm sorry posts have been dwindling away!

but I'm off to bangkok next week to shop so... heeheehee :D

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

I know I promised the DIY nail polish rack stage 2, but it kind of fell apart a few days later. Don't I inspire so much great faith in my own DIY skills? You totally want to do your own DIY now right? Lol.

Ok, what really happened was that the tape I used to secure the rack wasn't strong enough. To be precise, it wasn't sticky enough. I knew $0.80 for a whole roll was too good to be true. So now I need to switch up from masking tape to duct tape before I post and cause others distress also! Tehehe.

In the meantime, check out this cool chart done up by Michèle of . A list of all the possible nail polish finishes.

Click Here For The Awesomeness!

I know what kind of a polish girl I am. I love cremes, jellies, glass flecks, holos and the occasional glitter. If I had to pick just one favourite, it has to be cremes. I don't like shimmer and I don't like frost, pearl and irridence even more. I knew this all along, just didn't know what they were called all this time.

So what kind of a finish are you? Share with us below!

Much Love,

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

the backstage crew behind fashion

when designing something, we draw it out, and think about how it would look like in our head.
in fashion, in order to make our sketches reality, we have to draft and drape, to tweak and fiddle with fabric until the idea in our head finally comes to life.

in design school, this is what happens, the only times it doesn't is because we are

a. lazy
b. we screwed up therefore lazy to redo
c. do not have the technical ability to accomplish what we want
d. the drew the garment sketch without using our brains, which means the garment is impossible to make and therefore we are idiots.

when drafting or draping my own garments, it is common to see me pretending to be dead, sprawled out on my table, cursing and swearing at my inanimate fabric or mannequin, walking around the class to go disturb other people. :D

mcqueen 2010 fall rtw,

when I see runways with couture or see excellent garments with amazing CUT. I bow my head in respect.

(sidenote: garment on top, has each individual garment on video. please go watch it move! it looks afuckingmazing! Visit, click on MOVE IT! its located under slideshower and all that.)

its the people who are the drafters and the drapers, who are the geniuses that make garments what they are, who are the first step to

nicholas caito, is one of these people! he explains what a modelist is better than I ever would.

just saying :D

xx J.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

again, a sneaker post!

I swaggered my way into adidas the other day at iluma, and then I realised what they had on display!
the JS on fire adidas, of course I had to try it on and completely whore it out. It wasn't ridiculously expensive at 345SDG but as a starving artist, I can't afford.
what I liked about this pair (which I would have probably ran out of the store with had it not been a couple of sizes too big) is the detail you realise it has AFTER you see the shoe IRL, which means its basically super chio in real life.
the laces gradient from yellow to orange upward! the only thing about the shoe is... its abit impractical. the fire extends so far backward that when you turn around it catches each other.
very odd feeling and I think I nearly tripped afew times.

Even though,
- they are a couple of sizes too big,
- way over my budget,
- made me trip about twice in 5 minutes,
- totally impractical.

I still want these shoes.
like now.


Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Nail Wheels

Oh yes, you read right: Nail Wheels.

I swatched all my nail polishes on nail wheels just so that it's easier for me to pick colours when I want to paint my nails. You know how sometimes you pick up a bottle and you can't quite remember how it appears on the nail (because polishes tend to do that.). Yeah, that happens to me a lot! Hence the nail wheel, and it's easier to look at.

So today I thought I'd show you my small, but substantial nail wheel collection. (lawls, I have a collection for my nail wheels).

Note: Pictures here may not be a 100% accurate because they're shot to showcase the wheel not the swatches.

The Yellows/Reds/Pinks

Haha, I think everyone can tell what my color-addiction is.

The Greens/Blues/Purples
I like this wheel, I think it is pretty damn decent

The Whites/Blacks/And Everything Else
These are basically my polishes that I feel don't quite fit the colour spectrum. Also includes my Nubar 2010, Gosh Holographic and 4 China Glaze Crackles which turned out really badly here, I think you need a basecoat for crackles to adhere to. So I'm going to try those again.

The Neutrals
Lols, I only have 3 neutrals so it's a small wheel.

And that's my entire nail polish collection there (as at 10 May 2011). The day I discovered China Glaze, was the day I decided to disown all my previous nail polishes, so I technically have some more colours, but they're all destined for the bin.

I like this system, but I'm not in love with it, because I'm thinking of how I'm going to swatch my new polishes in future. I would definitely want them in order by gradient. (hoho, yes, I am quite the OCD. Don't lie, I know you are too!) So it's in planning but I haven't got anything out yet. Will keep you all in the loop when it happens though.

How do you keep track of your polishes? Manually, digitally, using swatches also? Share with us in the comments below!

Next week, I'll show you how I physically organise my nail polishes with the DIY nail polish rack I built. Some of you may have seen the stage 1 rack, but now it's going into stage 2 so keep an eye out!

Much Love,