Wednesday, May 18, 2011

the backstage crew behind fashion

when designing something, we draw it out, and think about how it would look like in our head.
in fashion, in order to make our sketches reality, we have to draft and drape, to tweak and fiddle with fabric until the idea in our head finally comes to life.

in design school, this is what happens, the only times it doesn't is because we are

a. lazy
b. we screwed up therefore lazy to redo
c. do not have the technical ability to accomplish what we want
d. the drew the garment sketch without using our brains, which means the garment is impossible to make and therefore we are idiots.

when drafting or draping my own garments, it is common to see me pretending to be dead, sprawled out on my table, cursing and swearing at my inanimate fabric or mannequin, walking around the class to go disturb other people. :D

mcqueen 2010 fall rtw,

when I see runways with couture or see excellent garments with amazing CUT. I bow my head in respect.

(sidenote: garment on top, has each individual garment on video. please go watch it move! it looks afuckingmazing! Visit, click on MOVE IT! its located under slideshower and all that.)

its the people who are the drafters and the drapers, who are the geniuses that make garments what they are, who are the first step to

nicholas caito, is one of these people! he explains what a modelist is better than I ever would.

just saying :D

xx J.

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