Monday, April 4, 2011

Men's Fashion Week!!!

I was lucky enough to score tickets to one of the shows in men's fashion week!
ikr, how lucky am I :D

this men's fashion week thing is a pretty frikkin' huge deal because the first showing is in Paris, followed by Milan, and then SINGAPORE.

can you imagine? Singapore 3rd in line before New York and all the other big countries. GO singapore!

the show I went for was Canali.
its a lux italian men's wear label, I to be honest have never heard of it, probably because I'm so terrible with label names and the like.

this is the first FASHIONWEEK show I've ever been invited to, so I went super eager to see what people WEAR to such events.

so this is what my friend Zameer wore, except the jacket is mine :D

omg his stocking are shocking. his tweet for the day went something like:

my outfit looks ridiculous, loves it!

he is the one who got me tickets, so superfrikkingrateful.

my frikkin awesome vintage (which is just another word for secondhand) jacket! and my customised zara bag which I blogged about an earlier post.this post!

Eve wore super accessories that night and her nails damn cute :3
Zameer's accessories!
walking in its this huge.... for lack of a better word, EXPO LOOKING HALL, at the side an elevated platform thing for VIPs only.
pfft. VIP area, who wants to be there?
with the free food.......

.... the champagne

.... the drinks

...... hmph!

before the show
actual media and poser media :D
black curtain where we enter from, the big boards in the front of it, which are hidden from this side, the ones that say MEN'S FASHION WEEK, where they checked tickets at,
like forward,

we were wondering if anyone got like, smashed, but we heard no screams so all was good.

everyone freaked out and tried to make it stand again, but gave up and propped it against the wall. this lead into the discussion of how badly fashion week was organised. I only went for this show so I really wouldn't know, but honestly being 3rd to receive men's fashion week, I did expect... alot more.

the runway before everyone is seated

here you can see that the white board, previously standing, has been now propped against the left wall.I WAS SITTING ACROSS FROM EDUARDO SAVERIN, aka. one of the Creators of this thing you might have heard of, Facebook.

he apparently lives in Singapore now, and even though he had no relation to fashion at all, is at the shows :D


show begins.

during the show there were a few models that.... walked abit strangely.

posed really strangely too XD
show ends!
it was really quick, feels quicker watching a show, than being back stage, trust me.
all in all, its a lux label so not too much design to rave about, the models had black suede shoes that Nicky adored.

I saw a jacket that I adore, brown suede from what I could see, with a jersey lining and a fur trimmed hoodie.
been looking for a picture of it but I can't find one D:

While walking out, was stopped to be interviewed by FashionTV
the girl stopped me, when she said FashionTV, I was so shocked I went all shy and kinda looked abit like a COMPLETE idiot.

so if you DO happen to see me on fashionTV please don't judge me!

I said 'I love FashionTV' really shy. so I don't think they'll use the footage anyway.

so thats my brief fashion week encounter (:

xx. Jade

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