Sunday, June 13, 2010

Bows and Sneakers!

my desktop broke down D: so I can't upload the pretty pictures I took on saturday when my ex-classmates and I went to universal studios, pictures include gina's cool bag and what I was wearing on that day!

since I haven't blogged since thursday I decided to just post on acessories again, so I used my webcam to take pictures of the stuff I bought on thursday.

tadah! pretty pink/peach bow from diva! it cost me either $11 or $13, not sure cause I bought two things that day. I normally wear the bow on the opposite side of my fringe to balance off the fringe, so I don't look lopsided.

the other item is a white flower hair thing/brooch, made of crinkled chiffon and stretch net, its kinda whiteish, closer to off white.
seeing how I always bun up my hair cause its so spoilt thanks to multiple rounds of bleaching, I think the white flower is nice just to add like, some sort of interest point. plus white goes with everything anyway.

front view yadda yadda. it cost me $11/$13

my visits to diva rarely leave me empty handed. I saw so many pretty things that day, some I might add are abit unworth the money, like my hair flower and bow hairband,
and this......

its so easy to make yourself but I really don't think its worth the time and effort so I just buy them anyway! because I know I'll wear it super often, good stable piece for me. if you're buying them for like.. one off kinda wearing, I don't know... abit heart pain.

other veryvery pretty things I saw are..

okay honestly I don't think the picture does it justice, it look really nice when you put it on tho! abit pricey, about $20ish? but I mean, a total versatile piece.

totally loved this too! but the one I saw wasn't in black, it was in a.. pinkish tone? v.pretty with a gold setting, also around $20+ when I put both rings on side by side, <3

then I left the shop without them. < /3

while online looking for the pictures of all the stuff I came across this..


it was under the New section, so I guess they'll be coming to singapore, along with Big Bird and Cookie Monster.


on another note, I wanna share my fav sneakers!

tbh, I'm not a very heels person, I think they hurt. I mean I love the feeling of walking around in them feeling all pretty but, I'm already above the average height for girls in singapore (I'm 169cm)and to wear heels around.. i'll feel like a giant. SO I'm definitely a converse girl, BUT don't hate me, I still own way too many heels.

not too big a fan of dr. martens cause they're uncomfortable as well, but I definitely want to buy a pair to customize it. there has only been one comfortable pair which i've seen, made in soft leather but they were limited ed. and also pre-decorated for a competition a.k.a expensive.

this is one of the winners by: Noah Dreyfuss entitled: Snowboot.

super soft no joke.

so: these 2 pairs of sneakers are the ones I one day dream to own:

The Tiffany Nike Dunk.

Jeremy Scott for Addidas -insert holy music.

I'm the kinda person who would wear sneakers but still put a flower in my hair, with a dress on. so, I don't find the things in this post unrelated because I would totally put them together.


OH and good news, I've managed to bring in two more writers for this blog, Regina and Karen :D

all 3 of us have different taste and writing styles so.. theres someone for everyone!

I don't know when their first posts will be tho!


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