Tuesday, July 20, 2010

i have searching for inspiration like mad on the interwebz. so while this was going on i obviously stumbled upon lovely things on style.com

anyhoots, the up coming months are gonna be just crazy, i have plenty of photoshoots along with a trip to HongKong. ALONG with all this madness i will also have to finish up my portfolio as well as complete an 8 look collect by december: DIE LA.

i have in the meantime finally settled on a theme for my collection: Atlantis, how good or terrible this theme is gonna turn out, i'll find out in the next few months.

so in the meantime, eyegasms!

alexander mcqueen fall 08 RTW, even his ready-to-wear looks somewhat couture-ish. iloveyouMr.Mcqueen.

peacocks. i die.
the knit is done in such a way there are no seams and the tutu underneath fits PERFECT. how on earth do you manage that??!!?!? thats just mind boggling.

you take my heart even from the grave.


my friends would be able to tell you this in a heartbeat, i'm a crazy fool for weddings, mine is already planned out in my head.

and one more thing to add to my list of things i must have for this spectacularly expensive event would be:

spring 2010 RTW Chole


fall 2010 Valentino couture

i actually prefer the Valentino, but thats just me. sucker for bling and bows.


the lastest dior show was just crazy pretty. flowers and fabric just flowing and. omg. just. GORGEOUS.
AMAZING-NESS. really would die to own that.

how can you not love?

i would honestly wear this dress, anytime. its just. drop.dead.gorgeous.
god. i love/adore/would die for the Vivienne Westwood styled hap-hazard drape and cliched at the waste.
geez, even the petals on the dress has embossment detail for the veins of the petals. sicksicksick love.

Dior Fall Couture 2010.

i wanna die in that dress. bury me with all the tulle and chiffon please. granted i'd have to get a frikkin big coffin if that dream is to be fulfilled.

xoxo. jade

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