Sunday, July 11, 2010


i have been SO uninspired because i pitched an idea to my teacher and they rejected it and i was genuinely shocked.

these are the kinda images i wanted. the general kinda look.
so. yar. my inspiration was supposed to be about the siren, and the song behind it and and... the beauty but menace that they had. oh fucking well.

see, Gaultier did mermaid back in 08 for spring couture.
but okay, i'll stop bitching.
beautiful no? i love how the 'scales' get larger. and the detail of overlapping sides coming in from the side around the bust is just. <3

i love the umbrella HAHA. but i have to say the colours on the bottom of the dress is pretty!
this I LOVE, the colours, flow styling everything is just. mmmm.
again i'm loving the hem, and also the nude transparency!
ahahha i guess this solves the long debate on how mermaids 'Seal The Deal' they don't actually have tails! they have dresses which they lift up to... Do It. my classmates and i were debating this, one of them said they were like fishes and laid eggs, which opened a whole new can of worms, my other classmate said they unzip their tails (?)

i just personally don't wanna go there ><
my fav outfit from the whole show, tasteful but yet doesn't smother you in mermaid-ness.


also! i have been on a project runway marathon, i finished season 3, 5 and 6.
and seriously the level of petty-ness that these people have are like... ridiculous.

i guess i would be the same, but i think i would have to psych myself not to bitch cause i do that SO much even in school.
if i were on project runway, i would gather a following of haters XD

i think Austin Scarlett from the first season looks like someone that came right out of the movie Interview with a Vampire, the really pale, oldish styled person. :D so adorable. ze living dead.
hur hur, RIGHT. abit weird comparing Austin to Tom though. but then again I've never been a fan of Tom Cruise. i'm more a Brad Pitt girl (Team Brad Pitt <3>

damn Jolie, he loves ME not YOU -sniff.

it goes without saying that Brad looked his usual Godlike Self in the movie.

i would totally let him drink my blood anyway, wouldn't you?

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