Saturday, March 19, 2011


SINCE, I'm already on blogger, might as well post this.

I was in Venice a couple of days back, I was sadly SADLY too late for the world famous Venice carnival.

Reasons why its world famous:
pictures are copyright to whoever took them. etcetc

during the carnival of Venice, people dress up in such costumes and walk around. imagine.

if you wanna know more about it, google it? lol sorry. the visuals of google images paint a better idea.

You get my drift la, but honestly the pictures don't do the masks or costumes justice.
super bummed I didn't get to see people actually walking around in the costumes and such, I did however of course explore all the mask shops. and its amazing. sadly, photography is prohibited, but I did buy a very simple lace mask for myself.

Alot of the masks didn't fit me quite right cause my face isn't of a european build so. ohwell.
I filmed venice and will post it on my youtube channel... like in a monthish or so.

xx J.

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