Sunday, March 27, 2011

spring is here!!!!!

well! spring is here, it started the very day I left rome. sadly. the 21st of march. so accordingly, spring is to bring flower prints and... colours right?

tbh I have never been a fan of the whole
spring/summer = violent colours
winter/autumn = totally toned down.

not my thing. toned down automatically means less happy? (great depression) like I think it paints winter as a more depressing season in terms of colours, which I don't believe in at all!

well. then again, I wear whatever the hell I want anyway so. :D
I was the only person in winter sporting a pink coat (pale pink but pink nonetheless), everyone else wore black D: which is nice and everything but. yes, abit boring to look at in the metro.

I think any style can be worn anytime. really.

sorry sidetracked again. so looking through lookbook, which for me just keeps me up with what people are wearing nowadays, colour blocking is back.

I be loving her socks though!

her bag. *dies. reminds of me the new plastic JS for addidas shoes. which are btw, freaking gorgeous.
tadah! super chio <3

back to colour blocking, its not that I don't do it or by any means hate it(that much). its just that when I see it being done, its usually with really... off colours.
like the jacket, I really don't like that green at all.

and I don't know, accessories tend to take a step back, and.. the colours are really garishly bright, and maybe I just really don't like super loud colours in so much access I guess.
her pants somehow made it to a colour so vibrant it went off the tangerine colour charts.

I don't know everyone seems to go back to primary colours, like the really super... bright ones and wear huge blocks of it. me no likes.

I would probably wear that purple as a top or shoes (smaller surface area).

but then again, I was looking through the stuff I did like from lookbook and I guess I am kind of boring D:

I need to find stocking like that. fer real.such a nice use of print in an outfit.
lovin' rosary earring.

I guess my style at the moment is more laid back. I do believe I wear more colour than the pictures above though. :S

and I'm sorry winter is over, I do so love what they deem winter colours.
oh well, it'll be back in 6 months :D

xx. J

ps. all above pictures were from lookbook, the owners have all rights to them, and I obviously don't own any.

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