Monday, March 28, 2011

customising my zara bag from barcelona!

So I bought myself a bag from Zara which cost me 40euros!

the story of how I ended up with this bag instead of another one is on YouTube, I got it in barcelona in anycase.

its not really about the bag, but like it shows the other bag I wanted to buy but didn't. Sarah owns that bag now.
so this is my bag! I bought it cause I really liked the shape and size, and its got 6 compartments, its just mega practical la. which is totally me.

it actually fits my laptop, which is freaking great.

so, its a bit plain, which is fine, but I just thought it'd be nice to personalise it a bit.

and this is what I have to decorate it.

pins from my secondary school, which include my secondary school badge.
pins from london (anti-smoking/telephone booth)
pins that are in the shape of musical instruments, also from london!
pins from phantom of the opera part 1 and 2.
and of course badges from EARTHHOUR, bought them to show support.
and a vintage scarf that I bought for a euro, shown later.

how I placed the pins.

tied a pretty scarf to the side! which is vintage and has cigarette burns in it because the scarf is exactly at my wrist level lol. damn.
and this is what it looks like done. yes I know, I put super a lot of nonsense on it, and maybe you would prefer it without all the pins and only the scarf.

just an idea of what you can do to a basic bag to make it look like. awesome (:

just sayin'

I will post a picture of me carrying it out sooner or later.

I just hope the pins don't like fall out or anything!

xx J.

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