Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Nail Wheels

Oh yes, you read right: Nail Wheels.

I swatched all my nail polishes on nail wheels just so that it's easier for me to pick colours when I want to paint my nails. You know how sometimes you pick up a bottle and you can't quite remember how it appears on the nail (because polishes tend to do that.). Yeah, that happens to me a lot! Hence the nail wheel, and it's easier to look at.

So today I thought I'd show you my small, but substantial nail wheel collection. (lawls, I have a collection for my nail wheels).

Note: Pictures here may not be a 100% accurate because they're shot to showcase the wheel not the swatches.

The Yellows/Reds/Pinks

Haha, I think everyone can tell what my color-addiction is.

The Greens/Blues/Purples
I like this wheel, I think it is pretty damn decent

The Whites/Blacks/And Everything Else
These are basically my polishes that I feel don't quite fit the colour spectrum. Also includes my Nubar 2010, Gosh Holographic and 4 China Glaze Crackles which turned out really badly here, I think you need a basecoat for crackles to adhere to. So I'm going to try those again.

The Neutrals
Lols, I only have 3 neutrals so it's a small wheel.

And that's my entire nail polish collection there (as at 10 May 2011). The day I discovered China Glaze, was the day I decided to disown all my previous nail polishes, so I technically have some more colours, but they're all destined for the bin.

I like this system, but I'm not in love with it, because I'm thinking of how I'm going to swatch my new polishes in future. I would definitely want them in order by gradient. (hoho, yes, I am quite the OCD. Don't lie, I know you are too!) So it's in planning but I haven't got anything out yet. Will keep you all in the loop when it happens though.

How do you keep track of your polishes? Manually, digitally, using swatches also? Share with us in the comments below!

Next week, I'll show you how I physically organise my nail polishes with the DIY nail polish rack I built. Some of you may have seen the stage 1 rack, but now it's going into stage 2 so keep an eye out!

Much Love,

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