Tuesday, May 31, 2011

I know I promised the DIY nail polish rack stage 2, but it kind of fell apart a few days later. Don't I inspire so much great faith in my own DIY skills? You totally want to do your own DIY now right? Lol.

Ok, what really happened was that the tape I used to secure the rack wasn't strong enough. To be precise, it wasn't sticky enough. I knew $0.80 for a whole roll was too good to be true. So now I need to switch up from masking tape to duct tape before I post and cause others distress also! Tehehe.

In the meantime, check out this cool chart done up by Michèle of lacquerized.com . A list of all the possible nail polish finishes.

Click Here For The Awesomeness!

I know what kind of a polish girl I am. I love cremes, jellies, glass flecks, holos and the occasional glitter. If I had to pick just one favourite, it has to be cremes. I don't like shimmer and I don't like frost, pearl and irridence even more. I knew this all along, just didn't know what they were called all this time.

So what kind of a finish are you? Share with us below!

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