Tuesday, December 28, 2010

'Sup everyone, it's another Tuesday (8.06am on a Wednesday morning is still a Tuesday by my books!) Hope everyone has had the nicest Christmas over the weekend; I got stuffed silly.

And this is totally random but I'm so proud of it, my Christmas nails! This was the last best shot I got before I started mucking about with some DIY over the weekend.

I would have wanted to do the cover of Jade's Show today, but that can't happen yet as I'm having a little problem with the photos and they will take some more time.

Till then, this is just a stocking filler post of all the outfits by real, amazing people. Stuff in my reader that really caught my eye.

H&M Spring 2011
♥ dress on right. Gorgeous Shillohute.

♥ the cutout

Amy S.
♥ the outfit in its entirety.

Aileen B.
♥ the top.

Ebba Z.
♥ the top.

Kajsa N.
♥ the dress. H&M, of course!
Andy Torres, posted by Alina S
♥ the outfit. ♥ her webby stylescrapbook.com you should totally check it out.

If I lived in a Winter Wonderland instead of the Sunny Tropics, I'd totally live for these:

Emmi T.
♥♥ the knit poncho.

Keidy K.
♥ the jacket.

♥ the blazer.

Olivia H.
♥♥♥ this jacket. me wants!!!!

Realised that most of the stuff I've picked are from H&M, too bad they're going to be a little tough on the pocket when they hit Singaporean Shores, or I'd live in them day and night.

Till next Tuesday. Toodles.

Much Love,

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