Monday, December 13, 2010

So I went to Vietnam mid last month for roughly about a week and a half. It was just a uh, family holiday. Before I went, I thought I'd find lots of things for cheap. Hah, I got cheap right, everything else I got wrong.

But that said, these were the stars of my trip. Lo and behold!

These beaded clutches were not hard to find. In fact they were everywhere because it's such a tourist draw. But hey, they're actually really, really pretty. Don't diss them because it may look tacky to some, but others may see its gorgeous potential.


I love the detailing on this one, the flowers all "pop up".




Opened Up

Chain & Buckle

More Side Detail

Personally I find the chain a little hideous, but that can easily be rectified. Aren't they just gorgeous? And the best part is, one cost me about SGD$7 and the other SGD$19. Fully beaded, good hard case structure, no visible threads, please, it was a steal! I felt like I'd robbed them. There wasn't any haggling by the way.

But my ultimate fave brought back from my trip, wasn't even from Vietnam, it was from the duty-free shop after arrivals immigration at Singapore's Budget Terminal. Lols.
One whiff and I was hooked, it just brought me back to a really happy place in my mind, it made me associate the smell with London, perhaps of a Lush shop on South Molton Street.
It's quite deep, deep enough to want to keep it for night use only, yet light enough to wear it daily and get away with it. But I can't get you to smell it, I can only make you look at the bottle, which is such a cute package, how could you resist? This is the smaller, 50ml bottle. I've always felt that smaller perfume bottles looked better than their oversized cousins, plus, how does anyone use that much perfume before the bottle goes bad?

I present; Ricci Ricci by Nina Ricci

Haha, ignore, I repeat, ignore my naked nails. Horror!

A whiff gives me serious smilies, like a tranquiliser might.

Plus the video ad, with Jessica Stam in, for this perfume really was quite good.

What can I say, I had to get it.

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