Wednesday, October 13, 2010


omg. why is blogger's post editor so's literally a quarter of my screen.


Anyway, I'm Karen, the supposedly other contributor for QueenQuin. And this is my first post, dragged for so long because I never found something I wanted to post about. But in case you didn't know, Jade's rushing her graduate collection (which involves a lot of beading = bleeding fingers) so she sort of MIA-ed, I think without her ownself realising either. So I'm here, to keep the cobwebs away and keep this place a little active, at least till Jade can breathe again.

So here's the story behind today's post. My mister and I have a little reason for celebration coming up and we're going out for dinner this weekend, to one of those places where they place a dress code on patrons. The very sound of it just makes me all giggly inside. Personally I don't feel like there are enough reasons or occasions for full blown dress ups in Singapore, (people wear jeans to weddings srsly wtf???) so an occasion to dress up, is always well received by me. And thus, I went shopping, as anybody would have. Admittedly, I bought a little more than I should have. Lol. So this is the preparation process, recorded in photos for you to see!

Got this lovely necklace from Diva in ION, I thought it was really cute. Figured it could really make a tank top, jeans and pumps outfit work.

Another piece from Diva. It just appealed to me as a truly classy piece. Of all the accessories I bought, this is the one most likely to make it to the dinner table.

To save the best for last...

It's so awesome, it deserves 2 pictures!

Yet another piece from Diva (think you can tell it's the only place I successfully got accessories from that day). Up until I found this piece, I was sulking around the shop, complaining that I couldn't find anything I liked, mid-complaint, I happened to look up and spot this piece, hiding in between two other designs and I just dropped my sentence and went "ahhhh....oh my god....I love this..."Look at it! It's freaking gorgeous!!! Nevermind if I never wear it out in my life, just keeping it in my personal collection for me to take out and marvel at, is good enough.

I've always thought Diva churns some pretty nice designs out. While not dirt cheap, they are affordable. I used to think they were pricey while I was still living on student allowances. Now that i'm actually earning a salary. I thought they were affordable and I couldn't resist. None of these pieces cost more than $25.

Next up, the shoes. Aldo's Destime in Bone is really the to-die-for shoe.
(Sorry for awesome picture background, I just got lazy to set up a proper background.)

I've actually been wanting to get these shoes for a long time now, the dinner happening this weekend was just an excuse to get them now :D. The last time I went shopping and had money on my card, they didn't have it in my size, and the sales assistant was really pushy which really put me off, but this time the guy told me to wait about 5 mins, to which he dissapeared and magically came back with a pair in the colour I wanted, in my size! By the way, he really took about 10 minutes.

This pair, is a staple. It'll go with almost everything and it'll make you look good while you're at it. Aldo shoes (big fan!!!) are also known to not be as punishing as some other makes of shoes. Before the Destime, I was in love with Atlantic City in Camel. I was devastated when it got sold out in Singapore before I got them, wasn't going to let it happen this time. Now, to go back and buy this pair in Black, and the pair of Steve Madden shoes I'm eye-ing, and I would be quite the happy girl for a while. (plus a few other cheep-o boots) :)

(here's a fancy little paragraph breaker so that your brain won't think the following paragraph is related to the previous one.)

Funny as it may seem, I didn't see any dress I liked, nor bags. I wanted an envelope clutch as an evening bag but rather failed at finding one. Till now I'm trying to find one, probably will have to dig up some old clutch in my collection. For a dress, I resorted to buying it online from a local online boutique, not quite a blogshop type. I'm just waiting for it to arrive in the mail, most likely tomorrow.

I've also been youtubing, watching hair and make-up tutorials and later practising my make-up because I have never, ever, been able to get the smokey-eye right. Which really ticks me off because it's supposed to be one of the easier eye make-up types right? But the good news is, I think I may have finally gotten the hang of it, well I think so anyway. Pics below, judge for yourself. (P.S. practice is always good. The more comfortable you are, the easier it is to replicate. replication is always easier than first-time creation. Especially if you are on a time limit. eg. Dinner at 7pm. zomg! -take the advice, I learnt it the hard way.)

eyes closed
eyes open with wonky left eyelid. Please excuse that. Because there are some days when I put on falsies, they just pop-on right on first try. Then there are those days, when you know the Gods of Falsies are just laughing at you; it was one of those days.

Hair, I haven't decided yet. But there are curls on the right side of the picture and waves on the left of the picture. But I know, whichever I do, I'm going to need tons of hairspray, my hair just fell flat in 5 minutes!

Honestly, I'm leaning towards curls.

So how did I do? Finally my first post on QueenQuin. Did I bore you, are you screaming for Jade to come back? Do you never want to see my white-out face ever again? Or maybe I did ok, and to push it a little further, maybe you want more? lol. Let me know. Comments are always appreciated (don't worry, Jade will see them too. So if you really want me out, Jade will know. >.>)


  1. I love your post <3
    The text was great, though quite long it was really fun to read^^
    And I liked the pictures. You look lovely by the way.

  2. Aww thank you! Haha, yeah, Jade's warned me about my tendencies to just keep typing. LOL!!!