Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Acrylic Relics

Hulow all,

I've decided to drop in and blow the top layer of dust off yet again, since Jade has been missing. (*lifts pebble* hulloooooo Jadddeeeeee, whereeee arreeeee yoouuuuuu?)

I don't really have anything substantial, because I'm boring like that, but I did come across these awesome acrylics online that make me LOL. Hope it makes you LOL too. ;p

"Oh Happy Day/Oh Crappy Day" Ring Set by Weaselfactory

"Tug-O-Bling" Necklace by Weaselfactory

"Totally Cheesy Birthday Present" Necklace by Weaselfactory
This must be my fave, imagine wearing this out "Hey, I'm your birthday present!" lawls.

"Cute but Deadly" Knuckle Duster by Weaselfactory
I imagine this to be the perfect gift for the bitchy-in-a-good-way girlfriend.

"Star Wars" Ring Set by LicketyCut

"Bonsai" Ring Set by LicketyCut

"White Whale" Ring Set by LicketyCut

"Ramen Noodles" Ring Set by LicketyCut

"The Misplaced Nuts" Ring by Weaselfactory
I love the names they give their stuff. la.

"Crazy Dachshund" Necklace by Weaselfactory
They also have a poodle, but I think the dachshund is wayyy cuter.

"The Hedgehog" Pin by bugga
The hedgehog is smiling at me hehehehehehe!!!!!

"The Goldfish" Necklace by bugga
Massively cute!

"EPIC" Necklace by finestimaginary
I think "EPIC" says it all, the creator however had this to say :"EPIC necklace gold mirror awesome plastic geek nerd jewellery jewelry" Win.

"Golden Apple Bite" Necklace by finestimaginary
take a bite out of the poisoned golden apple, go ahead....

"WTF" Necklace by finestimaginary

"Ninja Face" Necklace by finestimaginary

"Hottie" Keychain by bugga
having 8 arms was the best thing that happened to Kanye, he could be everywhere at once.

Well, that's my roundup. Hoped it made you smile. My favourites are the birthday present necklace, the goldfish necklace and the epic necklace. Which are yours? Drop me a comment!
All the links go straight to their etsy pages by the way so if you really want to get any of these, click away.
P.S. None of the above belong to me.

It's likely that Jade may not come back for a while, now being approximately 33 days away from her graduate collection show. Then immediately taking flight the next day (no literally) for 3 months. So I'm not too sure how often Jade might be updating. In the meantime, I shall start planning to sit in for the next few months. Looks like you're stuck with me! boo.

Although, I think I already know where I'm going to start. Long story short, I wore a dress to work because I had to attend a friend's wedding straight from the office one day, I walked into the middle of a meeting and everyone started laughing out of amusement.
Coincidentally or not, the night before, one of our staff girls at one of the shops asked me why I always wore shorts to work. I've been busted, no dress code and I just got freaking lazy with the tees, shorts and slippers routine.

So maybe, I will create an outfit challenge for myself, maybe something weekly, let me think this one out first. It takes a lot of commitment to wake up before 12pm and dress up once a week in this tropical weather.

Lots of lazy love,

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